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The following are questions submitted by previous clients. If there are any questions you may have that are not here, please fill out our contact form. Thank you.

Our rock is exclusively Rio Grande river rock which we refer to as earth tone rainbow river rock. This rock has combinations of rock from the Colorado Rockies, New Mexico, Arizona, Big Bend and South West Texas, rolled down by Glazier detachments from North America over millions of years ago.
Our rock is mined and washed and comes in sizes between 2 inch to 5 inch however, upon special order we can segregate it to 2 inch , 1 & 1/2 inch minus and 3/8.
Our rock is used for interior decoration and exterior landscaping. We also sell gabion cages that are used for exterior landscaping as well as interior decoration. On special orders we also polish rock and treat with varying sealants.

Our rock is also used for construction of roads and pads by the General Contractors and Energy Companies. Our rock is also used for polishing gems as we have jasper and agates. Last, our rock is used as an ingredient for ready mix concrete.

The minimum amount is 25 tons which is what is held in one hauling truck.

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