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Maverick Aggregates

Since 2007 Maverick Aggregates, Inc. strip mines it's river rock. We can provide any amount that suits your needs within a 24 hour notice. We recognize that price and the aesthetics of the rock are very important to our consumers therefore we keep our prices extremely affordable within our market of Central and South Texas. We welcome all consumers from small to large including landscapers, architects, nurseries, homeowners and any other customer that may be interested.

Feel free to browse through our website so that you may view and enjoy our earth tone rainbow rock.


We have many long-lasting relationships with local material haulers which can equal savings to you.

Quality Materials

Our materials are high quality and will reduce repairs and maintenance. Contact us for pricing.

Landscaping Division

We have the highest quality and UNIQUE indoor and outdoor landscaping materials. Check out our inventory.

Our Satisfied